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     Our company began in 1998 in Dallas, TX at the start of the “Dot-com Bubble”.  We began as cc Studio, marketing our own products and software and selling other people’s products as well. As we moved to Denver, CO in 2012 we incorporated and put our marketing expertise to work for other businesses.  In 2015 we separated into specific branches to handle specific types of marketing. cc Studio Inc. remained our video production division and Advanced Marketing Dynamics became our marketing division.

     So what sets us apart in a world filled with marketing consultants, social media experts and all around SEO gurus. I have so many of our clients tell me that they have spent thousands with these so-called experts with very little results. So I understand the hesitancy. I personally have worked to set ourselves apart from this crowd and distinguish ourselves as the go-to company for all your marketing needs.


     In 2013, we joined a consortium of over 300 marketing agencies worldwide.   This association has allowed us to pool our knowledge, expertise, and research and develop the best marketing procedures, platforms, and strategies that make the biggest impact on business today. It allows us to remain on top of trends and coming changes that will affect the future of business in a way that no individual agency could accomplish on its own.

     We do things a little differently at AMD. We know most of our competitors want to sell what they have and tell you how great it is. We want to prove our worth. We are not here to just push products and services. We want to work with you on an ongoing basis to provide and continue to provide proven cutting edge ideas THAT WORK! But more importantly, THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

Advanced Marketing Dynamics – Our Business Marketing Division

Auto Marketing Dynamics – Our Automotive Division

cc Studio – our Review and Expert Interview Video Production Studio

Viral Video Ventures – our Video Production Studio

Reputation Marketing  – Don’t just monitor the problem, pro-actively market your reputation

Social Marketing Dynamics – our Social Media Marketing advice and service